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School Introduction:

    In 1985, TamSui Vocational High School, hereafter referred to as TSVS, was founded to correspond to our booming economy and flourishing industry and commerce. Then, in 2013, we vowed to pursue local development, local cohesion and take deeper root in our community; TSVS was accordingly converted to the local government, New Taipei City, and is named New Taipei Municipal TamSui Vocational High School.

    We have an enormous campus covering 12.48 hectares, and a complete secondary education system, including 10 programs in vocational department, the general education department, and the extension evening department. The vocational department comprises various programs, including Special Education, Data Processing, Accounting, Business Management, Horticulture, Food and Beverage, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Besides, The extension evening department contains three programs: Data Processing Department, Electrical Engineering, and Food and Beverage.

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